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Copyright belongs to E. Bruggema and A. J. Elderson, who created this website and scripts.
This website is hosted by: E. Bruggema

How can you help us?

  • At first of course by using our website
  • Secondly by spreading our name. This can be done, for example, by posting the polls you create here on other sites and/ forums.
  • Finally you can help us by helping with the creation of new poll designs. Every forum/website has its own unique style and we would like to combine those styles with the styles we use. This is why we would appreciate it if you want to help us out with your designs. For more information just read on!

Specifically for this goal there are several parts which have been described below. In case you would like help creating your XML stylesheet or to show your poll layout please continue reading or contact us.

The logo/the top of the poll
The questionbar
The frequencybar
And of course a footer to display the votes

This site works with a template to create the graphics. This is built on XML and gets parsed by our parser. The example below is used for the GFX poll on FOK but can be adapted for any site.

The script



If you have created a layout and want to submit it to the site please contact us (here). Within days we will notify you if your layout will get added..


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