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Poll: Who is winning the debate?

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Category: Politics
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Comments from users

#1 solo1012 wrote on
27 Feb 2008 04:50

He was right on

#2 Nikki wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:10

he was very very on tonight!!

#3 Gene wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:16

Obamas response was measured and he avoided to score cheap points on Clinton even when he got the opening.He is a leader of substance.

#4 may paz wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:23

Yes, We can

#5 Daniel wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:27

I think both candidates done really well tonight, both showed exceptional class and knowledge. I think its obvious that both have good ideas, what it really comes down to is who can push these ideas through congress. I personally believe that Obama will be better at this, considering alot of legislation he proposed was cosigned by republicans, John McCain even cosigned a few. This will especially be important if we get a republican based congress in 2010. Just my two cents.

#6 ritz wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:27

Barack Obama sounded and looked like the Commander in Chief. Next President USA! Obama 2008.

#7 Musa wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:29

I thought he was very effective, HRC was out of touch again, she tried to make him angry but Obama kept his coolnes

#8 et t wrote on
27 Feb 2008 05:43

I will not vote for Clinton after her tactics exploiting prejudice like the turban game and the racial comments her husband and friends keep making, even if she were to get the nomination.

#9 Cynthia wrote on
27 Feb 2008 06:07

Hillary used an SNL spoof to prove media bias. She was puckered and prudish and stiff. Obama looked presidential, stayed focused and in respose to her vinegar filled quips offered many olive branches. I am a Republican but I have to admit Obama won the debate soundly. Give him the leadership of the Democrats and let the true debate begin!

#10 Carola wrote on
27 Feb 2008 06:09

Most presidential. Gobama!

#11 Lisa wrote on
27 Feb 2008 06:11

Obama was very poised and controlled during the debate. I actually felt embarrassed for Hillary who seemed to be desperate to discredit Obama with things that were unrelated to the actual issues like the media basically saying they are picking on me.. reject...denounce play on words obviously and it was just kinda sad to see her act in that manner.

#12 Cynthia wrote on
27 Feb 2008 06:25

Did you hear Hillary say I will do whatever I need to do to win this election. Sent shivers down my spine. We have already witnessed what the Billary team was willing to do to stay in power. Barack had better get all his armor on.

#13 Regan Chapman wrote on
27 Feb 2008 06:43

His ultimate grace under fire will make for a truly remarkable Presidency and leader of the free world.

#14 Paula wrote on
27 Feb 2008 06:43

Obama far. He was prepared, confident, cool, and presidential.

#15 Lenna wrote on
27 Feb 2008 07:04

Obama has so much class!

#16 greatgran1 wrote on
27 Feb 2008 07:09

Barack stayed on topic,then expanded.Clinton was stressed,when trying to prove her point.I am right,you are wrong,will not get the job done.Diplomatic,no. What was accomplished by attacking the moderaters? What authority has SNL in politics? It was over when she set that tone.

#17 john wrote on
27 Feb 2008 07:40

I am a proud long time Republican who would be proud to have Obama as my President, (sic J. Glenn) that is why I will be voting for him on March the 4th. Yes We Can!
Personally I belive that Obama wins everytime either Clinton opens their mouths.

#18 Thomas W. Muther, Jr. wrote on
27 Feb 2008 09:33

Senator Clinton began offstride with her discordant accusations about her supposed mistreatment by the moderators, and followed this with a weak attempt at sarcasm by suggesting that they give Obama a pillow to sit on. Then near the end, she suggested that Senator Obama had not gone far enough in 'denouncing' Farrakhan, he needed to 'reject' him as she had done. This weak attempt at gamesmanship (denounce is a much more emphatic term than reject is) backfired as Obama handled this with his characteristic aplomb, saying, 'If the word reject Senator Clinton feels is stronger than the word denounce, then I'm happy to concede the point. And I would reject and denounce [him].' These attempts at gaining traction against the Obama ground-swell only play into his strengths, his ability to deflect an unfounded attack without resorting to an attack of his own, his ability to be conciliatory without backing down or appearing weak. This unflappability under fire should prove a tremendous asset if he becomes the occupant of the White House.

#19 Rose Nchoe wrote on
27 Feb 2008 13:21

Good going your excellency!!! OBAMA 'O8

#20 Rose Nchoe wrote on
27 Feb 2008 13:22

Perfect !!Obama '08

#21 Lavonia wrote on
27 Feb 2008 14:23

Hillary Clinton was not able to trip Barack Obama up in Ohio. I think that he won the debate hands down. He was substantive, humorous, quick, skilled, smart, prepared, and in control.

#22 s woods wrote on
27 Feb 2008 16:57

He's a safe pair of hands. But Hillary is a bit volcanic. I prefer the safe hands.

#23 Jama 4 Obama wrote on
27 Feb 2008 17:00

I believe that both candidates did well. But Hillary lost on her constant attacks and her referring to snl and Farrakhan.
She seems bitter and it showed. Our President should be able to contain emotions in times of stress.

Yes we can.........And we will

#24 Shannon wrote on
27 Feb 2008 17:40

Obama was so classy in the way he handled Clinton. Binging a woman I felt I should support her but her behavior the past few days and during the debate made my decision to vote and campaign for Obama.

#25 Terri Carter wrote on
27 Feb 2008 18:10

Regarding Obama's tremendous presentation in last nights OH debate. So proud of our Man! In ALL respects he gave a commanding and steadfast demonstration of common sense, wisdom, commitment, concern, class and diplomacy. Again, something this country needsto lead us, and make us proud of our Commander in Chief.

#26 mamills wrote on
27 Feb 2008 18:25

But it is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things. Thoreau

O's wisdom palpable; HRC desperation also.

Sorry hacks as sportscasters from gladiator games.

#27 Ritz wrote on
27 Feb 2008 19:48

Obama was stellar. He really impressed me and was convincing, capable and cool headed last night. LEADERSHIP ability!



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