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Poll: Who is winning?

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Category: Politics
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Comments from users

#1 nege wrote on
22 Feb 2008 04:16

ObaMA!!! YES HE CAn!!!

#2 Michelle wrote on
22 Feb 2008 05:22

Go Obama Go! Thank you for saying on message and bot allowing Hillary to rattle you! Change, honest, integrity, and true champion ofthe eople is what we need!

Obama 08

#3 shanti wrote on
22 Feb 2008 06:16

As Barack have said many times, we are at critical time in human history. Issues like the Environment, war, poverty, and loss of dignity of US in the face of most world nation. The only candidate who can lead the way to a better world is Barack. He is a man of Today, a man of 21st century, whose vision is clear, his understanding of what is really up at this junction in history is very clear. We need to move on with dignity as human race with an exceptional visionary leader.

#4 christine wrote on
22 Feb 2008 08:20

please. bunch of sheep.
buy the Kool Aid now. This guy is shallow like the shallow end of a pool.

He is all talk.

God please let her win. She is the only one and that is a fact.

#5 Mwega wrote on
22 Feb 2008 09:32

Yes we caaaaaaaaaaaaan!

#6 anethe wrote on
22 Feb 2008 11:32

Obama is our man...

#7 Amanda wrote on
22 Feb 2008 15:26

How can you not tear up when you think about this man becoming PRESIDENT!
He is amazing and restores my faith in the AMERICAN dream!

#8 Crystal Gunter wrote on
22 Feb 2008 16:26

I finally have faith in our country that they will make the right choice. That choice should be for CHANGE. Obama is the next president!!!!!

#9 Angry Chinese Driver wrote on
22 Feb 2008 23:45





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